Did You Know?

    The Old Friday Mosque, one of the most visited tourist attractions in Maldives dates back to 1656 and is one of the oldest architecture found in Maldives.


    One of the most interesting activities in Maldives is to indulge in the various excursions Maldives has to offer. Visit the local islands and get an insight into the lives of locals and learn about their culture and heritage. Dolphin safaris, cruises and fishing expeditions ensure you have the most memorable experience at the Maldives.

    Male' Excursions

    Completely different from the idyllic resorts and peaceful village life, Male’ is one of the most crowded cities in the world. Dominated by buildings, paved roadways and shops, the capital city of the Maldives is the political and commercial hub of the country. Local Fish Market and Sultan Park are some of the noteworthy places of the city.

    Castaway Experiences

    Reenact the adventures of Robinson Crusoe with your fellow castaway in an uninhabited island. Experience the radiance of life with nature to its maximum with castaway experiences. Facilities include barbeque grill on the sands with solace from nature, and amazing water sports such as swimming and snorkeling.

    Island Hopping

    Visiting to local islands is a fun and unique experience. The local village life of Maldives is very much different to the life we have in our urban cities or in resorts. The islanders live a strong and united & serene life and would welcome you with their open hands. Fishing & Tourism are the main sources of income for these islands. 


    Cruising is truely the way to explore the vast indian ocean and indulge in the amazing experience of it. If you are lucky, you might be able to get a glimpse or view of dolphins, whales, mantas or other interesting creatures of the indian ocean while on the cruise. Whether its on a dhoni or a liveaboard, cruising is something that you should not miss to explore.